GUANHE Hard Drive Case / Multi-functional Digital Storage Bag


Using the EVA technique,Classic and Portable Design hard shockproof material surface has a layer of silk cloth, looked very bright. It is shockproof, water resistant and heavey duty.

You could made it a usb flash drive case, hard drive case, bankcard case, cables case or put other accessories under the case.

The inside is built in with a mesh to keep storing your small accessories to keep your hard drive.

Helpful when out of the door, for a travel or vacation. Small pouch bag case make it easily stored on your backpack or bag purse with all your personal small accessories.Perfect to keep cables, USB flash drive, hard drive, power bank etc.

External Size: L18 * W12 * H4.5 cm; Internal Size: L 17 * W11 * H 3.6 cm.

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Essentially Designed USB Flash Drive Bag Case / Electronic Accessories. Made of Waterproof, Shockproof, Heavy-duty and Durable Material, prevent your USB Flash Drive / bankcard from damage and lost. Features: shockproof, waterproof, compression, portable, multi-functional storage


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