GUANHE headquarters is located in the design of the city, the city of science and technology, China – shenzhen, is a recognized as a leading brand in the field of digital accessories receive, always focus on user needs, is committed to the production by the user driven products and solutions. Set up nearly six years, has focused on creating let users life more comfortable, more convenient and more substantial product, and the mission.

GUANHE products using the power of innovation, between the user and their favorite activities and experiences of various nodes connected conveniently.

GUANHE in recent years, on the basis of fully understanding user needs diversification of development, has a far-reaching influence many portfolio of products, including digital accessories to receive, to receive at home, travel to receive, outdoor sport bag etc, for individuals to provide high-quality products. We are committed to innovation, research and design, and at present GUANHE products involving five categories, more than 150 products, over 400 kinds of color, the product best-selling more than 30 countries around the world.